How I Make Over $10k+ in Passive Monthly Income Online – My Simple Strategy EXPOSED

Four years ago, today… I was in debt 20k from student loans. No Job. Nobody was hiring. My life was in emotional turmoil.

“Get a FREAKING job,” I kept hearing.

“Being broke is a choice. You’re just lazy!”

That was the attitude I’d get from even some of my closer friends. And you know what? They weren’t all wrong. I hated the 9-5. Even though I was DESPERATELY trying my hardest to get one. The idea of wasting my life on someone else’s dreams never seemed quite that appetizing to me…

Now, I can confidently say “I’ve figured this damn thing out!!!”

The take-away is this…

Four long years ago… while bored and unemployed, I stumbled on a $9 WSO product on how to build an email list and become rich for the rest of my days. I don’t remember the name of the product, kind of irrelevant, there’s loads of re-hashed courses just like it. But it got me started!

Now I make over 10K+ every month in Passive Income Online, and that number just continues to grow. Once you figure out how this whole thing works, it becomes easy.

The formula is simple, but has important embellishments. Which is why I’ve created this video series on how to make passive income online and live YOUR LIFE <– Instead of someone else’s.

Here’s Vid Numero Uno:

This is optional, but will make your life WAYYYY easier

Make no mistake… This works!! I’ve tried many different list building methods. I’ve blasted blog comments using scrape box. I’ve dabbled in PPC and lost my shirt. This is easier than anything else I’ve tried, and it’s worked for me way better.

It’s ONLY two steps.

  1. Get the list
  2. Promote cool stuff

WARNING: This method is only guaranteed to work in certain markets and niches. This will work for: make money online, list building, affiliate marketing, etc. But if you try this for “Sudoku Strategies,” chances are this will not work out.

What you’ll learn as you progress, is that you need to be targeting audiences that actually spend money. Sure, there may be 13,000+ people looking for “sudoku tips,” but that does not mean they will buy stuff. In fact, my guess is that they will NOT.

Okay Brendan… So, I’m going to start collecting in email list. That first video helped a lot. What else you got?

Two more!! But second one’s first <– If that makes sense 😉

Here’s video Numero Dose:

This is optional, but will make your life WAYYYY easier

Wowzers. I actually revealed in that video how I easily create 70%+ converting landing pages in less than 10 mins. I’ll bet there’s gurus charging at least $27 for that info 🙂

Wanna see some examples???

Here’s a few of my squeeze pages (for demonstration purposes)

Once you get good at this, you can create squeeze pages like mine in a few mins. They convert!!

Let’s move along to vid 3…

The Finale:

This is optional, but will make your life WAYYYY easier

If you’re just a newbie starting, this video shared one really cool way to save yourself a bunch of time. Don’t fret about creating your product yet. Instead, use somebody else’s and promote it as an affiliate.

This alone will save you LOADS of time. You can always create your own product later. But why stop yourself from building a list TODAY.

You just need:

  1. To create a landing page
  2. Get Aweber and upload my sharing code (backend doneso)
  3. Be cool to your subs

That make sense?

Help people out. Show them cool stuff (that will actually help them). Make money.

It’s a simple process… and it works!!